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Chris Raider Breeds Gustavo Ryder in Rio

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Euro + Romance

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AJ King + Euro

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Jay Fierce + Trinidad Papi

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Arvion Kylers + Trinidad Papi

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Darien Blaze + Trinidad Papi

Haxxxel Lino + Romeo St James

Giovanni Cruz + Timarrie Baker

Jacinto Marcel + Leon Holt

Giovanni Cruz + Vic Valentino

Vic Valentino + Xavier Rich

Vic Valentino + xKNDAx

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Tony TMT + Vic Valentino 2

Christian Armani + Leo Bandit

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Tezjork + Timarrie Baker

Jaydoe Funsize + Syncere Whyte

Tony TMT + Vic Valentino

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Jaydoe Funsize + Kobe Grey

Daniel Thompson + Vic Valentino

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Drummer Boi & Travis Davis

Lucky Luther + Vic Valentino

Daniel Thompson + Messiah Blaine

Messiah Blaine + Vic Valentino

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Daniel Thompson + Kemancheo Thanksgiving

Myles Moore + Rick Riley

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Day Day + TaetheDoug

Chase Carter + Marion Mathis 2

Assassin + Staxx



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